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We want success. Your success.

We believe in employees who want to move things forward and are passionate about their development. Whether you are a student, career starter, or experienced professional, we will help you realize your personal vision.

Let's integrate business, IT – and you!

Really good integration is the key to maximizing your potential. That is the measure of our success.


Even before your first day of work, we start with our Q_Buddy Matching. Here, your personal interests and preferences are matched with those of our Q_PERIs. This means that a colleague – your buddy – will be there to help and guide you from day one, so that you are as excited as we are to have you on board with us.


Numerous formats will support you on your way to becoming a true Q_PERI: Starting with the First Steps on your first day of work, through a personal integration interview, Second Steps, the target agreement, the probationary period half-time interview, your personal vision development, to our Q_Days – a multi-day culture and team workshop.


Rest assured that at Q_PERIOR integration does not end here. Integration is and remains an essential part of our value-oriented corporate philosophy and therefore a daily incentive. But we always start by making your take-off a successful one.

Win-win through Coaching & Leadership.

With our Coaching & Leading leadership model, we ensure that your individual goals are optimally aligned with Q_PERIOR's corporate goals. Together, we work on ensuring the success of our projects, living our corporate values, achieving your personal work-life balance, and promoting your development. You will be supported by coaches and leaders and, of course, by your dedicated human relations manager.


As an employee, you are at the center of our Coaching & Leading leadership model. You actively participate in vision and goal setting and contribute to securing results and achieving goals. Our open feedback culture gives you the opportunity to communicate praise and criticism directly to your coach or leader in a timely manner, creating the ideal starting point for achieving your goals.


Your coach is your leader in the project at hand and is responsible for ensuring successful project outcomes. In addition, they accompany your personal development within the project, taking into account your vision goals.


Your leader is your manager within the department. Together with you, they are responsible for your medium to long-term career and skills development. Your leader is your go-to for discussing your personal visions and ideas for advancing your career at Q_PERIOR.

Human Relations

Human relations supports all three roles in our Coaching & Leading leadership model and is the central point of contact. Your HR colleagues are available to answer questions and provide support as neutral mediators when needed.

Whether it’s for the project or in the Topic Chapter, there is always a named contact I can approach with any problems I might have. There is also always someone who can give me constructive feedback and with whom I can work to define my goals. To them it’s not just words on paper. They live it every day.


Senior Consultant, Automotive

I am often not assigned to the same project as the colleagues that I support as a leader. Therefore, the coach on site helps with the project at hand, of course, as a named contact, but also as a confidant when the leader is just too far away. And I also have a coach in the project who gives me open and appreciative feedback and is an important sparring partner for difficult customer situations.


Manager, Insurance

Always up to date with the Q_Academy.

Without the knowledge of current trends and the skills of our people, we would not be one of today's most successful management consultancies. Our people make the difference. That's why your training outside of the project is especially important to us. At least five days a year, you will have the opportunity to attend training sessions at our Academy. Whether you are an analyst or a partner – you never stop learning!

training days per year

trainings & workshops on site

trainings & workshops in the virtual space

Let's grow together! The Q_Personal Growth Model.

The Q_PERSONAL GROWTH MODEL (Q_PGM) brings your potential to life. Just another generic development model? No, quite the opposite. In addition to tasks and skills, the Q_PGM focuses on assets – tangible values created through your work that you can use to accomplish tasks (such as successfully completed projects, certifications, or your personal network).

Another special characteristic of our model: The impact circles, which show the impact your work has on you, your project, your customers, and ultimately your market. This creates a transparent and individual development approach, which forms the basis for everything we do to develop our employees – for our Coaching & Leading leadership model, for ongoing training in our Q_Academy, and for our career model.

Let's grow – no matter where you are in your career.

The Q_PERIOR career model – effective, personalized and flexible

With us, you develop according to your strengths and decide for yourself where you want to go. Different career paths open up a wide range of career options for you, whereby you can choose between the Expert Track and the Management Track. 


In the Expert Track, you receive extensive responsibility for topic development and sales step by step as a project manager.


In the Management Track, you also lead projects and gradually take on extensive management and acquisition responsibility and finally act as an entrepreneur in the company. 


Since we see ourselves as a fluid company, it goes without saying that no choice is forever. You will always have the option of taking a different path within Q_PERIOR if your goals or interests change.


Q_PERIOR puts people first. That's why we focus on providing special Q_PERIOR perks to our employees. From corporate benefits to a wide range of health and fitness offers, from personalized training and career models to flexible working time models, we have something for everyone.

Corporate benefits

Small but impactful benefits: We offer you discounted purchasing conditions with well-known brands and attractive insurance packages.


Work – life – fun: Numerous events for networking and celebrating are simply part of what we do.

Leadership culture

Respect, appreciation, and the highest level of professionalism are the cornerstones of our "Coaching & Leading" leadership model. It ensures that your individual goals and the Q_PERIOR corporate goals are perfectly aligned.

Career model

For us, a career tailored to your needs means personalized development opportunities that let you decide both the direction and the pace. As an Expert or Entrepreneur. Our Q_PERSONAL GROWTH MODEL will help you get there.

Mindfulness & health

We care about your well-being and health. The Q_PERIOR Mindfulness Community offers mindfulness training and opportunities for the regular exchange of ideas. And for the athletically inclined, there are sports and wellness partnerships, in-house fitness groups, and much more.

Mobile working

Flexible, mobile working is part of our DNA. Our Mobile Work Policy provides the right framework. And our offices provide attractive venues for face-to-face interaction.

Mobile working abroad

From your desk during the day to the beach in the evening? Or how about a view of the mountains for your next team meeting? With "Mobile Work Abroad", we give you the opportunity to work 50 days a year from abroad all throughout the EU as well as from UK, NOR, ISL, LIE & CHE under certain conditions. 

Mobility kit

Mobility tailored to your needs and eco-friendly as the cherry on top: We give you a fixed monthly budget to get you from A to B by any mode of transport possible: public transport, intercity bus, train, scooter & car sharing. Attractive models for company bicycles, BahnCard 100, or company cars complete our offer. Regardless of whether you use it for private or business purposes.


Time for you: We offer you 30 days of vacation, sabbatical options, and flexible working hours. Because for us, a life outside of Q_PERIOR also counts.

Continuing education

In our Q_Academy, we offer more than 200 training days per year on topics such as personal growth, technical and consulting expertise, as well as leadership and sales skills. We also support certification courses such as PMP, SCRUM or ITIL as well as part-time Master's or MBA programs.

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